Like that five dolla bill you thought you’d lost, and found in between the couch cushions, we too feel that mediocrity is the essence of life.  With this new-found joy, you can now head to the corner store and pick up that pack of ketchup-flavoured chips you’ve been sizing up for the past week, and wash it down with a litre of almond soy milk.  Ahhhhhhh….

Sound refreshing and amazing all at once?  Well then we’ve got the thing for you.  Imagine being able to do this on a weekly basis, repeating that same feeling of elation as adrenaline bursts throughout your body.  We make jam sandwiches that can give you that feeeeeeeling as well yo.  While the flavours change pretty much everytime we hash out these bad-boys, they really are #notsorandom.

Strawberry jam goes amazing with pumpernickel – Blueberry with Wonderbread white – peanut butter too…..sometimes yo, but let’s not get outta hand  ; )

What’s even more interesting (but not really), is when you squash all of these wonderful creations together in one big stack, it makes you feel the same way you did that first time you found the fiver.  We challenge you to take one single bite that gets through every layer, and experience the spectrum of jams & breads that will make you wonder what the hell you’ve been eating up until this point in life.


; )




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