Aussie-rules Toronto!!

September 30th, 2012 | Blog | irgo | Comments Off on Aussie-rules Toronto!!

It’s been a really interesting year in Toronto for international bookings.  Most notably is a new focus on bringing over talent from the land down unda – that’s right – Australia.  Our own take on the Australian scene is that there are a small group of gangstaz who can really rock it out: MIC NEWMAN, TORNADO WALLACE, and SONNY FODERA.  While Mic has yet to jump over the pond onto Canadian soil, Tornado and Sonny are no strangers to this land.

We’re so stoked to be working with the bounce crew to bring back Sonny to Toronto for the second time this year, and at Footwork Bar & Afterhours no doubt!!

Not only is Sonny very familiar with staying up to the wee hours of the morning in Toronto, but he’s actually a pro at it when it comes to throwing it down at Footwork.  Hell, you tell us!!  Take a listen to this badboy ; )

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 And of course we all know he’s a stalwart producer.  Here are a few snippets of his latest, that are soooo signature Sonny-sounding…. (note the first is on his homegrown label, Beatdown Music)

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Local support duties for October 6th come from the expected hooligans of bounce and Footwork:

Mike Gleeson // Joel Smye // Rich Hope

These three gentlemen (and we use that term loosely) have been working their asses off in Toronto for years, and so it comes as no surprise that they’ll make this jam go off proppa.  These guys have so much music up their sleeves, that it makes it hard to choose what to highlight here.  That being said, our personal favourite is Rich’s summer mix that still gets play in our office.

Blasting Fonda (August 2012)

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And of course, we couldn’t leave this blog without this gem of a video, put together by THE MAN – Preacherman.  This is where it all started for Sonny in Toronto…


Guest list for this event is simple – email us at, or use the guest list section of our website.  See you all on Thanksgiving weekend!