Choose LIFE #bythelake

May 15th, 2013 | Blog | irgo | Comments Off on Choose LIFE #bythelake

With a blog title like this one, any Toronto party-animal knows what fuckin time of the year it is…… ffs, #bythelake kicks off yo!!!

Like each end every past summer season, Bounce kicks shit into high gear down at the Keating Channel Pub back patio every long weekend!!  However, the hundreds of regulars will notice a little change for this season (hint hint on the June 8 action yo).  Like no other seasonal party series, shit goes down #bythelake with the most consistent vibe – sunshine fun and eventual insanity as the sun sets.  Insert bonkers example…


Of course a 2 minute snapshot can’t come close to describing what happens over the course of an 11-hour day jam, but you get the drift eh?  Each summer the boyz of Bounce combine their favourite residents with upcoming new talent.  The combination is pretty amazing and results in VERY unique parties.  Each long weekend features a different genre of electronic music.  Typically we can expect the following (not in this order):

techno // nu-disco // house // tech-house

Really though, they kicked it into overdrive for Canada Day last year (2012), when they expanded the jam to take over the parking lot with the likes of DJ DanSneak, Justin Martin, and DJ Mes.  Check this insane vid:


For us here at houseaddict though, we’ve got a soft spot in our heart for the long-time Bounce resident who performs #bythelake on every weekend.  Yeah that’s right…. MIKE GLEESON!

Your best bet at each jam #bythelake is to hunt Mike down.  Give him a high five, and maybe even collect a complimentary beer from the man  ; )

Here’s a taste of something we’ve had on repeat for some time now….

[soundcloud params=”auto_play=false&show_comments=true”][/soundcloud]

And so while the summer of 2013 brings back the residents that we love so much (insert Preacherman, Joel Smye, Rich Hope, & Darren Marshall (aka THE NINJA)), it’s pretty damn exciting to see some new names on the roster too!  In particular, we’re pretty excited to hear the likes of Graham Plant, Bruce Trail, and Mix Chopin in this series.

Insert potential track of the summer…

[soundcloud params=”auto_play=false&show_comments=true”][/soundcloud]

And on that note, we’ll leave you with the promo cover for this Sunday May 19 (Click it for more details.  Photo to be updated with each event that approaches throughout the series).