Connect the dots between H.O.S.H. & T.O.

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Holger Behn is the artist with dots in his name — and ‘why is that?’ you ask…. we have no clue bro, but it must be something to do with his creativity.  What artist do you know that does a photo op in a spacesuit???!?!  That’s right, only H.O.S.H.!!

(July 10 – HOSH (Diynamic Music) + Jonathan Rosa @ TOIKA )


–> THE MAN <–

Yes mosts artists have an innate sense of creativity, but H.O.S.H. tends to take that creativity to another level at times.  With photo shoots in spacesuits, and dressing up as a ship’s captain for some of his summer cruises, you have to wonder the kind of space in which he does all of his thinking.  Or do you…  :O


This studio is like the musicians version of Heffner’s den yo!  The red shag carpet must be a part of the sound deadening system in that studio, right?!  Or maybe this is a facade and he just hangs out here with his crew and slugs beers back all day.  Now we’re talking…

If we had to get serious in this blog (but only for a moment), Torontonians will agree that this man creates a very unique experience for his party people.  The Diynamic Showcase at the Blue Parrot BPM 2014 shook the place up, and its only fitting that you have an opportunity to at least experience his set again from behind your computer –> CLICK HERE for some o’ that funk.


It’s hard to believe that at one point in time, record labels weren’t too interested in the twisted mind of H.O.S.H.  Fortunately for the rest of the world, this is what spawned the Diynamic Music label by his Hamburg mates, Solomun and Adriano Trolio.  With the birth of Diynamic, a new outlet existed for these dudes to release their creativity out to the world — through house music : )

Redefining the genre of deep house, the Diynamic label grew to host more amazing artists such as Uner, Adriatique, NTFO, and +++.  One of the best things this label  has done for the music world is the creation of their Diynamic Radio Show; a weekly podcast mixed and compiled by the resident artists.  H.O.S.H. has mixed some amazing podcasts for the show, but we think you’ll find this one the most interesting:

LIVE RECORDING H.O.S.H. b2b SOLOMUN – Diynamic Festival Amsterdam – May 30, 2014

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This event wouldn’t be complete without the sultry sounds of Toronto’s hottest artist and performer, Jonathan Rosa.  Jon is known in Toronto for his versatility and being able to perform in any capacity.  Whether he’s closing the jam down at CODA after Sasha, or playing mid-day at the Comfort Zone — the man knows his shit.  Jon worked with us back in March when we hosted Tube & Berger, and he was perfect!

We expect no less from him on Thursday.  Here’s his summer mix in the meantime : )

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WELL — See everyone for a serious space dance this Thursday July 10 at TOIKA.  No tickets, no guestlist needed, just $20 b4 midnight yo.  Feel free to email if you need a rocketship or somethin, or CLICK HERE to go to the fb event.