Disco from Down Unda’Ground

March 23rd, 2013 | Blog | irgo | Comments Off on Disco from Down Unda’Ground

Ever wonder how things just seem to come together for no apparent reason?  But when you step back and look at it (or listen to it in this case), it’s all actually happened for a reason.  The months of March, April, and May are a perfect example of how the musical stars will align, and allow for Toronto to experience the layers of underground house music that only Australia can offer.  Enter sweet furry Roo’s yo….

–> March 30 <–

Enter mad man… SONNY FO-DERAAAAAA!!!!!  This dude’s been coming to Toronto for years, courtesy of the Bounce crew.  This year they’ve decided to take it back to the underground, with location tba  : )

(click flyer for event details)

This North American tour is a special one for Sonny, as he celebrates his debut album on Cajual Records: Moving Forward.  It’s a pretty damn bumpin album, with some solid cameo’s from the likes of Gene Farris, Dajae, and label-boss Cajmere (aka Green Velvet).  For those Torontonians looking for something unique and different, please email bouncehousemusic@gmail.com for the secret location of this jam.  Only those in the know will be able to attend.  Ya that’s right – it’s THAT underground!

A tantalizing mix to get yer hips movin in the meantime:

[soundcloud params=”auto_play=false&show_comments=true”]https://soundcloud.com/data-transmission/dtp298-sonny-fodera[/soundcloud]

–> April 26 <–

And now we move on to the man from Detroit-moved-to-New Zealand, Recloose!   This dude visited Toronto yearzzz ago and seems to have disappeared (hence the dj name??).  One might wonder what has happened to the DUDE…. and well, we’d like to let you in on a little secret –> HE’S COMNG BACK TO TORONTO!!

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The man tends to keep his accomplishments somewhat quiet, BUT WE DON’T.  His latest bomb release was on uber deep underground label Delusions of Grandeur.  the beautiful EP, Don’t Get Me Wrong, is absolutely fantastic.  Exuding deep and underground, Recloose is completely 100% on-point for this EP, and re-affirms our enthusiasm in this booking.  Just as notable is the venue that this jam goes down at.  BLK BOX is in the basement (thank god) of The Great Hall, and is currently rated as Toronto’s hottest new venue.  Check it!!

We’ll leave you with this slick Andres re-rub of Electric Sunshine…


–> May 4 <–

Finally, we’ve kinda left the most unique artist as the clean-up hitter for this series (and of course, not intentionally…ffs that would require planning and thought!).  Tornado Wallace has become the king of nu-disco in the past several years, and we’re happy to have him back in Toronto, for the second year in a row!!

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We’re not sure words can describe the unusual thought processes that must go through this man’s mind.  Regardless of that, this bearded enigma produces and mixes music in ways you will never hear from another person.  Last summer we picked him up from the airport with a massive bag of vinyl that he’d dragged with him from Australia, and we were blown away.  The result was 2.5 hours of needle-screeching and ass-shaking music in the confines of Parkdale’s hottest venue: Wrongbar.  Take a listen to that LIVE SET right –> HERE : )

There’s probably no better way to end a blog, than with this Boiler Room Australian set, from the man himself.  It’s literally an hour of eclectic (+ 1 classic) selections, mixed in with people losing the plot!!  Unlike most other Boiler Room sets, there are people in this one that are actually smiling and partying their asses off.  Case in point – please pay attention to the appearance of Michael Ozone (dude in white t-shirt and sunnies starting at the 30 min mark).  Prepare to laugh until it hurts friends….


Well lovers-of-the-scene, we hope this blog sparked your interest for some funked up events over the next 6 weeks.  We’re certainly stoked for each and every one of these jam sandwiches, and hope to catch you at all of them.  Questions re tickets or guest list can be emailed to guestlist@houseaddict.com.