Mike Gleeson – the unsung hero #bythelake

June 24th, 2012 | Blog | irgo | Comments Off on Mike Gleeson – the unsung hero #bythelake

houseaddict has been a proud contributor to the Bounce #bythelake parties since their inception a few summers ago.  The one thing that we can say about these long weekend events in Toronto is that while they all have their own unique themes, they do really somehow tie together.  You may wonder how the hell a May techno themed jam could tie into an August disco-bop, right?

Well – there’s an unsung hero at all of these parties who really does work his ass off for the cause – MIKE GLEESON.  Mike’s pretty much played every event #bythelake since it started.  Really, it’s a true example of his versatility as a dj.  How many dudes do you know that can put on a hard jacking house set at one event, and then ease into some disco at the next?  Like our previous blog – if you know of said person, please contact us cause we’d love to work with them.


So, this pik above is the true Mike Gleeson, but he tends to go incognito at most of these events #bythelake.  By day, he’s always got some amazing sunglasses going, and I think we event caught him wearing a fish on his head one time.  You can also ask him about his legendary shirt that he sports at only special events….like for this upcoming Canada Day.  Like any true artist and performer, Mike isn’t really in the biz of tooting his own horn, but you can only imagine how excited he is to be playing with his idols DJ Sneak, DJ Dan, DJ Mes, and Justin Martin this upcoming Canada Day, Sunday July 1.  Mike will be featured warming up the joint for his favourites on the outside stage, which is set to just rock the hell outta the port-lands hood!

Please feel free to join us, Bounce, and of course Mike, #bythelake on July 1.  This is a unique event that will be pretty hard to re-create (seriously though – take a look at the schematic).  Advance tickets can be purchased here –> Bounce #Bythelake Canada Day Beats, BBQ, and more  

Oh yeah….click here if you believe in MAGIC  : )