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Where the hell do you start with a blog on one of the busiest men in today’s electronic music soundscape?  Well, we thought we’d keep it simple, and chat a bit about The Man and The Vision of Ryan Crosson….well, at least how we see it from half-way around the world.  And of course, we’d love for you to join us to greet the man when he touches down at Wrongbar on November 23rd, and let us know if our view of Ryan matches yours  : )

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–>> THE MAN <<–
Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, and now residing in Berlin, Ryan Crosson has really evolved into a producer of electronic music that spans a range of genres.  It’s obvious that he’s a dude that runs on instinct, as opposed to what’s popular, or hot, or not….lol.  But this becomes obvious when you read about his influences being the likes of Moodymann, Pantytec, and Thomas Brinkmann.  That’s a pretty broad range of musical talent if you ask us.  This instinctual and unpredictable musical personality really comes out in his productions.  Probably one of his more unique projects is with production partner, Cadenza’s very own Cesar Merveille.  Their DRM Part 1 EP has an uber unique sound to it.  DRM has this dark, creepy, and yet jazzy feel to it.  Quite frankly, we think it’s the xylophone that makes this track.

Have a listen to the full version here:

[soundcloud params=”auto_play=false&show_comments=true”]http://soundcloud.com/ryancrosson/drm[/soundcloud]

The tracks from this EP are actually contained in Ryan and Cesar’s first album together, forthcoming on November 19th, entitled DRM of course.  You’ll note in the RA review, there are some amazing collaborations in there with the likes of Kate Simko (she kicked off our Summer Mixtape Sessions here in Toronto this past summer), and No Regular Play.  For those of you who are into the sounds of electronica that don’t follow the rules, you’ll probably want to make this purchase.

With being so busy in the production studio, you might wonder how the hell Ryan has time to enjoy himself and really let loose.  Here’s a quick look at what Ryan likes to do to feel good…


So we thought we’d close out our review of Ryan Crosson (THE MAN) with this amazing set that he put together when performing at Fabric London’s recent 13th anniversary.  Caution – it starts off pretty ambient (which we really love), and then moves into some amazing heavy shit.  ENJOY!!

[soundcloud params=”auto_play=false&show_comments=true”]http://soundcloud.com/ryancrosson/fabric-13th-birthday-mix[/soundcloud]

 –>> THE VISION <<–

It’s clear that Crosson envisions a world with music that exudes creativity and….well….ass shaking!  He’s certainly busting his own ass as he embarks on various projects and collaborations that leave ones jaw dropping to the floor.  He really does make it clear that his vision is different than anyone else.  So not only does he work with production partner Cesar Merveille to craft brooding house and techno tracks, but he’s also part of the most amazing quartet of performers that walks the earth at this moment: VISIONQUEST!!  This moniker is an all-american team, and consists of Ryan, Lee Curtiss, Shaun Reeves, and Seth Troxler.

Conveniently enough with the same title name, Ryan runs a record label: Visionquest.  This month marks its 19th release, and for fuck sakes, each one has been a literal masterpiece.  Quality productions come from around the globe, and all with their own take on electronic music: Guy Gerber, Tale of Us, Maceo Plex, Benoit & Sergio, and My Favourite Robot are among the talent signed to this record label.  Pretty impressive, considering they are only 19 releases deep!!

–>> OUR TEAM <<–

We’re fortunate to have a loaded support group for this jam, as Toronto heavyweights of the underground prepare to unload at Wrongbar:

Mike Gibbs // Nathan Barato // Lee Osborne

Join us for a cold one, won’t you?  All in the heart of Parkdale : )